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Easy Step By Step Guide To Claiming Your CLOVR Delegator Rewards!

Updated: Jun 19

At CLOVR, we're all about fairness and transparency, which is why we've revamped our rewards process to ensure that every delegator gets their fair share at claiming tokens. Say goodbye to the days of relying on luck – now, consistent rewards are within reach for all delegators.

Starting from epoch 493 to epoch 505, delegators staking 1000 $ADA or more can claim $WMT, $SNEK, $IAG Tokens.

clovr epoch rewards

How can I claim my delegator reward tokens?

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet

The first step is to head over to Once there, you'll have the option to either connect your wallet or paste your wallet/stake address. It's crucial to use the same wallet that you used to delegate to our stakepool.

Step 2: Check Your Rewards

After connecting your wallet, click on the "Check my rewards'' button. Tosidrop will then search for allocations tied to your wallet address.  

check reward tokens

Step 3: Select & Claim Your Tokens

Look for the previously mentioned tokens in your dashboard. Once you've located the mentioned reward tokens in your dashboard, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Claim my rewards."

select reward tokens

You have two options for claiming your rewards:

  • Option A: Send ADA If you connect your wallet, a "Send ADA" button will appear. Clicking this button will open your wallet interface, where you can follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

claim reward tokens

  • Option B: Manual Transfer Alternatively, you can make a manual transaction to the Deposit Address provided in your dashboard. Remember, the transaction must be sent from the same address that you delegated to our stakepool with.

Step 4: Receive Your Tokens

Once you've completed the claiming process, Tosidrop will send your reward tokens directly to your wallet address.

Also: You have up to 3 epochs to claim your tokens before they expire.

Tosidrop Fees

It's important to note that for tokens utilizing TosiDrop services, there is a 1.14₳ service fee. Typically, TosiDrop requires users to send 3.5₳, of which approximately 2₳ will be returned. The remaining fees (~0.36₳) are incurred by the Cardano network.

Don't miss out on claiming your rewards – follow these simple steps and start enjoying the benefits of being a CLOVR delegator today!

Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements regarding CLOVR's evolving rewards system. We are constantly working to provide new tokens to our amazing delegators, so stay tuned for the latest updates.


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