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Cuentas, Inc. Partners with World Mobile Group to Revolutionize Global Roaming and Financial Services in the US

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In a move set to transform the mobile telecommunications landscape, Cuentas, Inc. (OTC: CUEN & CUENW), a leader in integrating fintech and mobile services for the Hispanic market, partners with World Mobile Group Ltd (World Mobile Token WMT-USD). This collaboration aims to introduce innovative global roaming services and financial solutions across 30,000 retail locations in the United States.

World Mobile’s unique sharing economy platform will serve as the foundation for this initiative. By leveraging their decentralized network, Cuentas will offer cost-effective global roaming and connectivity solutions that are up to 12 times cheaper than traditional networks. This integration will utilize both eSIM and traditional SIM technologies to meet diverse customer needs.

The focus of this initiative is on 30,000 retail outlets, predominantly “Bodegas,” which currently utilize Cuentas' mobile and fintech services. This partnership is expected to significantly enhance the connectivity and financial inclusivity of these outlets.

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“Integrating our financial ecosystem with World Mobile’s advanced global roaming technology is a game-changer,” said Arik Maimon, CEO and co-founder of Cuentas. “This collaboration leverages our extensive distribution network and three decades of telecommunications expertise. By enabling retail and business entities to offer Cuentas Fintech services and become World Mobile AirNode Operators, we aim to provide financial freedom and cost-effective, high-efficiency mobile data networks to diverse communities across the US.”

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Cuentas continues to strengthen its market presence through Cuentas Mobile, supported by a robust distribution system and advanced software platform. This system, which includes secure communication solutions from Sekur Private Data Ltd., ensures reliability and comprehensive service delivery using both eSIM and traditional SIM technologies.

Cuentas, Inc. is dedicated to creating an alternative financial ecosystem for the unbanked and underbanked populations in the US. Their proprietary technologies integrate FinTech, e-finance, and e-commerce services to deliver next-generation digital financial services. The Cuentas Platform, which includes a General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) Card with a digital wallet and rewards program, is designed to help communities enter the modern financial marketplace.

"We’re delighted to announce a landmark partnership with Cuentas Inc.! Together, we’re unveiling a new era of global roaming and financial services. This collaboration is set to revolutionize connectivity and financial inclusion. By integrating with our decentralized network, Cuentas will offer US mobile users cost-efficient global roaming at rates 12 times less than legacy networks. Our joint initiative targets 30,000 retail outlets across the US, empowering Hispanic communities with Cuentas’ fintech services and our AirNode Operators. We’re committed to bringing financial freedom and high-efficiency wireless data networks to diverse communities. We’re just getting started!"

-World Mobile

For more information, visit World Mobile and Cuentas and Cuentas Mobile.


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