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Clover Nodes enables the power of blockchain technology to connect the unconnected and give back

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Clover Nodes was founded by a team of passionate blockchain enthusiasts who were motivated to enhance and support the blockchain community. As we explored the various ways in which blockchain technology is being utilized to improve people's lives across the globe, we were driven to merge our excitement for the potential of blockchain with our commitment to actively contribute to the betterment of others' lives, especially in areas where opportunities for growth may be limited.

Our ultimate goal with our Cardano stake pool is to democratize staking and foster the development of the Cardano network. We bring years of experience in the blockchain and staking industry to the table, and possess a deep understanding of the technical and economic aspects of

staking. Our staking pool is designed to ensure high uptime, robust security, and optimal performance, enabling our delegators to participate in staking with ease and confidence.


As part of our mission to make staking accessible to all, we are thrilled to also work on facilitating connectivity for underserved communities by supporting the World Mobile network.

Using a collaborative, sharing economy model, World Mobile is closing the digital divide by enabling internet access in areas with limited connectivity. Local entrepreneurs can host World Mobile AirNodes, which not only allows them to offer internet access to their communities but also generate income. Additionally, every World Mobile user receives a digital ID, which facilitates access to online banking and financial independence.

There are numerous benefits to improved mobile connectivity, including enhancing the quality of life for individuals in various ways:

  • According to GSMA, a 10% rise in mobile connectivity in a developing nation can result in a 1.2% upswing in GDP growth.

  • The surge in e-commerce in developing countries has the potential to generate a whopping $4.5 trillion hike in GDP by 2025, which could create up to 10 million fresh job opportunities. This demonstrates the transformative power of e-commerce in accelerating economic growth and opening up new avenues for employment in emerging markets.

  • Lack of identification documents holds back people’s access to traditional financial services. Women are also more likely to lack an ID than men, with 980 million women currently living without one. Having access to a digital ID can help people worldwide achieve financial independence.

  • Access to mobile connectivity has empowered Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) . These enterprises can now explore new markets, interact with customers and suppliers, and expand their businesses in unprecedented ways.

  • Paving a way for individuals to access an array of services & information that were previously beyond their reach. This includes educational resources that enhance job opportunities and earning potential.

  • Providing individuals in developing nations with access to vital financial services such as mobile banking & money transfer. This brings greater financial inclusion, reduced poverty, and catalyzed economic growth.

  • Revolutionizing healthcare, enabling individuals to access telemedicine services that have transformed healthcare outcomes and reduced costs. This has made healthcare services more accessible, affordable, and efficient.

By actively working to bridge the gap between these disconnected parties, we can ensure that everyone has the opportunity and means to access and partake in the benefits of Cardano stake pools. This will not only promote greater inclusivity and equity within the Cardano community, but also facilitate the growth and expansion of this exciting and innovative space.



As we dive deeper into the world of blockchain technology, our sense of community has evolved and strengthened. Our commitment to advancing the Cardano vision and advocating for internet access as a fundamental human right has inspired us to broaden our impact and give back to those in need. We are dedicated to supporting charitable organizations that utilize technology to empower and uplift their communities. We found a perfect match with the DirectEd Development Foundation.

DirectEd Development Foundation is using blockchain technology to provide free coding bootcamps and scholarships to under-resourced students in Africa to equip them with digital skills. This initiative aims to solve the problem of companies struggling to find workers with the right skills. They are also innovating the use of smart contracts to increase transparency and accountability, and providing donors with progress reporting data in the short run and quantifiable measures of impact in the long run. By working with high schools and establishing alumni groups, the foundation hopes to create a self-perpetuating cycle of funding for future scholars.

We will be allocating 30% of our margin fees from our Cardano stake pool directly to the DirectEd Development Foundation.

Clover Nodes is more than just a Cardano stake pool. Our passion for blockchain technology and its potential to make a positive impact on people's lives is what has driven us to not only democratize staking but also to support connectivity and accessibility for underserved communities. Through our collaboration with World Mobile, we hope to empower entrepreneurs and individuals to access the benefits of mobile connectivity, which has the potential to transform lives and drive economic growth. Additionally, our commitment to foundations such as DirectEd Development reflects our belief in the power of technological knowledge to improve the lives of those in need. We are excited to continue our journey of giving back and supporting social good while advocating for the advancement of blockchain technology. Join us on this journey and become a part of the Clover Nodes stake pool community today.

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