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World Mobile Unleashed Its Digital Revolution on Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore Pakistan

In the bustling suburbs of Lahore, Pakistan a metropolis with over 11 million people, a groundbreaking transformation is underway. A staggering 336 World Mobile AirNodes have sprouted across the cityscape and are now lighting up the lives of around 25,000 customers. What makes this achievement truly remarkable is that it was accomplished without a single World Mobile engineer setting foot on the ground.

Collaboration and Innovation Bridging the Digital Gap in Pakistan

This World Mobile AirNode rollout across the suburbs of Lahore, happened with the help of their partner, WorldCall. Originating as a payphone service provider in June 1996, WorldCall has evolved into a tech juggernaut, adapting to the ever-shifting sands of industry trends. Their journey from Cable Broadband to Video on Demand is a testament to their commitment to connecting communities in Pakistan. Now, WorldCall is leveraging World Mobile's platform infrastructure to bring a more accessible and affordable mobile network to Pakistan.

World Mobile AirNodes Transforming Lahore

The 336 AirNodes strategically stationed in Lahore are like digital sentinels, guarding two key clusters of residential and commercial hotspots. Each AirNode casts its wireless net over a sprawling 75-meter radius, creating an intricate mesh coverage in Lahore's bustling neighborhoods.

These AirNodes, upgraded Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) with the cutting-edge World Mobile AirNode functionality, work behind the scenes. An ONT unit is the tech wizard that converts signals from optical to electrical, ensuring seamless connections from fiber optic cables to Ethernet and phone lines.

But who's benefitting from this digital revolution? The first users in Pakistan are pioneers joining the World Mobile network through an exclusive invite-only system. This VIP pass is extended to existing customers of WorldCall's cable broadband network and their lucky friends and family. The current action is all B2C (business-to-consumer) via a B2C2C approach (leveraging existing customer ONT infrastructure for widespread connectivity), with plans to venture into the B2B (business-to-business) realm in the next rollout phases.

Lahore World Mobile

The Road Ahead: The Future of Connectivity

This Lahore rollout isn't just a tech feat; it's a great example of collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision of a more connected world.

The Lahore chapter is just a glimpse of how the World Mobile sharing economy model can spread its wings across various geographies with a digital revolution. With each AirNode planted, they're not just expanding a network; they're taking a giant leap towards scaling innovative solutions. Their commitment remains steadfast – bridging the digital divide and connecting billions.


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