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Collaboration between World Mobile & SingularityNET Is Looking To Revolutionize Mobile Services

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

In a groundbreaking collaboration that promises to reshape the mobile industry, World Mobile and SingularityNET have unveiled an exciting partnership. This dynamic alliance brings together SingularityNET's cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology and World Mobile's blockchain-based mobile network. The result? A fusion of innovation set to elevate customer support services, introduce AI-driven credit ratings for a pioneering lending program, and open doors to a world of AI-driven products and services.

world mobile singlularityNET

A Shared Commitment to Innovation

"This strategic partnership reflects our shared commitment of delivering cutting-edge innovations to solve real-world problems. With AI-driven assistance, decentralized identifiers, and secure blockchain transactions, we are empowering users with seamless experiences and unlocking new possibilities in the mobile industry."

Micky Watkins, the CEO of World Mobile

Janet Adams, SingularityNET's COO, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the partnership's potential to democratize technology and wealth. She adds, "SingularityNET was founded with a vision to democratize access to technology and wealth. This partnership is a key component of this journey - it will allow us to get vital funds to those the traditional financial system has previously excluded."

Transforming Customer Support through AI

One of the most exciting aspects of this collaboration is the development of AI-powered customer support services. This innovative venture is set to redefine how telecom companies handle customer inquiries. Traditionally, customer service involves handling numerous generic questions and responses, often putting immense pressure on resources and staff.

However, with SingularityNET's AI technology in the mix, World Mobile is ready to revolutionize the game. Imagine customer support staff being liberated from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on addressing complex and unique queries. This enhancement not only slashes response times but also elevates overall customer satisfaction. As World Mobile expands its reach to new territories, this efficient AI-driven customer support will be the cornerstone of maintaining exceptional service quality.

Blockchain-Based Loans and AI-Powered Credit Ratings

The partnership takes a giant leap into the world of finance by introducing AI-powered credit ratings—a pivotal element of an innovative lending program. This lending solution is set to disrupt traditional lending landscapes, adapting to users' payment history and reputation.

The first phase targets existing World Mobile users, offering credit for contract extensions once the prepay term concludes. The second phase extends credit offerings to established customers with positive payment histories. Ultimately, the program's scope expands to include individuals worldwide who have been underserved by traditional financial institutions.

According to the World Bank, approximately 1.4 billion adults globally lack access to banking services, yet two-thirds of this unbanked population own a mobile phone. This partnership aims to democratize access to credit, empowering users and enabling financial inclusion on a global scale.

collaboration handshake

A Visionary Collaboration

The partnership not only benefits World Mobile's customer base but also showcases SingularityNET's AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) capabilities within the blockchain ecosystem. It exemplifies how AI technology can address pressing issues like financial inclusion and customer service enhancement.

By leveraging SingularityNET's groundbreaking AI solutions, World Mobile is at the forefront of delivering innovative products that foster economic participation, aligning with the broader goal of "banking the unbanked."

As they journey forward with a shared dedication to innovation, brace yourself for a wave of revolutionary products and services that demonstrate the sheer power of collaboration between AI and telecommunications.


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