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Embracing the Metaverse: World Mobile & Virtua Forge a Digital Frontier

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and the latest frontier in this dynamic world is the metaverse. World Mobile Token (WMT) has joined forces with Virtua to embark on an exciting journey into this virtual realm. Together, they aim to create a vibrant ecosystem of digital assets, virtual spaces, and collectibles within Virtua's metaverse platform.

world mobile virtua metaverse

Expanding the WMT Universe

This partnership is set to introduce a plethora of WMT-based assets and spaces into the Virtua ecosystem, extending WMT's presence to the thriving Cardano community that calls Virtua home. Virtua, a captivating collectible metaverse, offers a unique blend of social interactions, gaming experiences, and creative possibilities.

virtua metaverse

Within Virtua's virtual realms, users have the power to craft, build, create, and share digital assets. They can also own and inhabit virtual spaces, ranging from cozy personal lounges to bustling community buildings.

"We are so excited to build a virtual space within the world of Virtua where our EarthNode Operators, WMT holders, and the wider community can hang out and enjoy a wealth of activities and events. Virtua is at the forefront of metaverse development, and we are delighted to be working with them to build a new and exciting digital future on blockchain."

Zachary Vann, Head of Token at WMT

WMT in Virtua: Crafting the Future

The partnership between WMT and Virtua promises a host of exciting initiatives as WMT ventures into the ultimate metaverse platform. Virtua users will soon have the ability to gather unique WMT-related resources and craft collectibles that represent various facets of the World Mobile ecosystem, from AirNodes to aerostats.

A thrilling treasure hunt activity is also on the horizon, where users can follow clues to uncover the location of rare and hidden resources. Once these collectibles are crafted, they can find a place in a user's individual plot of land or home within Virtua.

A Gathering Place for All

The heart of this metaverse adventure is the World Mobile Token space within Virtua. Here, fans of the project and members of the Cardano community can come together, socialize, and partake in various activities.

EarthNode Operators will have a dedicated building within WMT's Virtua space, providing an exclusive hangout area, educational meetups, and community-run events.

The wider World Mobile Token and Cardano communities are also welcome to gather, socialize, and engage in games and events within this vibrant digital realm. It's an opportunity for both seasoned WMT enthusiasts and newcomers from the Cardano community to interact directly with the WMT team.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with World Mobile Token, as we share a common vision to democratize access to the Metaverse and empower creators to monetize their art and content on a global scale. Together, we will break down barriers and bring the benefits of Web 3 to people around the world."

Jawad Ashraf, CEO of Virtua

virtua metaverse city

Join WMT and Virtua on this groundbreaking journey into the metaverse, where digital possibilities know no bounds.

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