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World Mobile and Conflux Network Forge a Path to a Connected and Decentralized Future

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

In an exciting move towards advancing blockchain technology and connectivity, World Mobile has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Conflux Network, a leading public and permissionless Layer 1 blockchain renowned for its scalability and performance.

World Mobile and Conflux Network Logo
World Mobile and Conflux Network Partnership

Paving the Way for a Multichain Future

At the start of 2023, World Mobile announced a groundbreaking collaboration with IOG, aiming to integrate the World Mobile Chain using Tendermint as a Cardano sidechain. This partnership sought to foster interoperability and pave the way for a multi-chain future, envisioning an internet of blockchains. The alliance with Conflux Network takes these aspirations even further.

As part of this partnership, the World Mobile Token (WMT) will be bridged from the Cardano blockchain into Conflux's ecosystem, marking the first time WMT will extend beyond the Cardano network. Additionally, World Mobile and Conflux will work together to integrate the Conflux network into World Mobile's sidechain, AyA, unlocking EarthNode capabilities and enabling financial settlements within the Conflux ecosystem.

"We are excited to work with Conflux to build a more connected and inclusive future. This partnership will accelerate our market expansion in Asia and provide global connectivity. Conflux's unique, regulatory-compliant blockchain and blockchain-based sim cards open up many opportunities for our mobile network and AyA chain, making this our most significant partnership yet for expanding our network and sharing economy in Asian markets and beyond." — Zachary Vann, Head of Token, World Mobile Token

Enabling Growth Through Global Reach

Both Conflux and World Mobile recognize the immense growth potential in emerging markets. With Conflux already establishing a strong presence in African markets, many of which are home to World Mobile operations, this partnership proves to be strategically advantageous. Moreover, Conflux's status as the sole regulatory-compliant public blockchain in China bolsters World Mobile's ambitions in the Asian region.

The partnership follows the appointment of telecom luminary Manoj Kohli as an advisor to World Mobile. Leveraging their strengths, Conflux and World Mobile aim to boost connectivity, drive user acquisition, and further penetrate key markets.

Conflux's blockchain-based SIM card (BSIM)
Conflux's BSIM cards

Bringing Blockchain to Telco Through BSIMs

Conflux will actively support World Mobile in exploring the application of Conflux's blockchain-based SIM card (BSIM) to enhance digital connectivity worldwide.

A BSIM card functions as a mobile user identification card, utilizing blockchain technology to offer various features, including on-chain data storage and verification, digital identity and asset management, improved cybersecurity, and cross-chain interoperability for asset transfers. The BSIM card, based on Conflux Network's blockchain layer, aligns with China's regulatory framework, facilitating potential entry into Asian markets.

The strategic partnership between World Mobile and Conflux Network represents a significant step towards a more inclusive and interconnected world. By leveraging the power of blockchain and combining their respective technologies and expertise, they aim to create a superior communications infrastructure that spans continents and promotes decentralization.

Conflux Network's dedication to advancing Web3 adoption, along with World Mobile's vision for a multi-chain future, highlights the potential for affordable and applicable blockchain technology to bridge the gaps across the globe.


  1. What is Conflux Network? Conflux Network is a permissionless Layer 1 blockchain that connects decentralized economies across borders and protocols. It offers a fast, secure, and scalable environment with low fees and improved network security, making it uniquely advantageous for projects seeking to expand into Asia.

  2. What is the significance of the World Mobile and Conflux partnership? The partnership aims to create a more connected, inclusive, and decentralized world by combining their technologies and expertise. It enables the bridging of World Mobile Token (WMT) from the Cardano blockchain into Conflux's ecosystem, opening up new possibilities for interoperability.

  3. How will the partnership benefit Asian markets? Conflux's regulatory-compliant blockchain and blockchain-based SIM cards provide a unique advantage for World Mobile in supporting their Asian expansion, while the collaboration fosters increased connectivity, user acquisition, and market penetration in the region.

The partnership between World Mobile and Conflux Network represents a significant stride towards a more connected and decentralized future. By uniting their technologies and expertise, the two entities envision a superior communications infrastructure that spans continents, advancing blockchain-powered connectivity. With Conflux's strong presence in African markets and its regulatory-compliant status in China, combined with World Mobile's vision for a multi-chain future, the partnership holds great potential to expand access to digital connectivity worldwide. Together, they are forging a path towards a more inclusive and interconnected world.


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