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What is an AirNode?

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

World Mobile, a company committed to connecting the unconnected and empowering customers through the sharing economy, has introduced a new approach to mobile network rollout. Unlike traditional mobile operators who only offer connectivity where it is profitable and collect browsing data, World Mobile delivers a secure and private mobile network run by the people and for the people, while preserving user privacy.

To realize this goal, World Mobile has introduced AirNodes, devices that allow local entrepreneurs to connect their communities and earn rewards for providing internet access. AirNodes serve as the access layer for the World Mobile network and provide voice, text, and data services for World Mobile customers. They are hybrid mesh devices that replace traditional last-mile access provided by mobile operators, and can be purchased or built by anyone in a region where World Mobile is licensed to operate.

Operators can choose from a variety of hardware configurations, ranging from a small device for a business to a larger setup for an entire community. Setting up an AirNode can be as simple as using a Raspberry Pi, access point, wireless equipment, and the AirNode software. Once a user connects to an AirNode, the operator sends authentication details to the EarthNodes, which process transactions and offer services like finance and decentralized identity. The EarthNodes then respond with the user's available balance and services, and their usage is recorded on the World Mobile Chain blockchain.

As a crucial component of World Mobile's sharing economy, AirNode operators can earn rewards for providing the last-mile component of the network, in their local currency or in World Mobile Tokens where supported. They also earn a share of revenue as the network grows and more people use World Mobile. The concept behind World Mobile's sharing economy is "Own it. Share it. Earn from it," as anyone can buy an AirNode, provide affordable and reliable internet access to their community, and earn rewards as others connect to the network through their device.

In conclusion, World Mobile's AirNodes offer a unique opportunity for people to earn rewards for providing internet access to their communities, delivering a secure and private mobile network run by the people, for the people.


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