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Introducing the World Mobile roadmap

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

World Mobile is excited to announce the release of the official roadmap for the World Mobile network.

We know many in the World Mobile community have been waiting for a clear timeline of objectives and rollout stages, and we’re excited to now share their vision for the future and the steps they will be taking towards connecting the unconnected over the next year and beyond.

With the launch of this roadmap, they've aimed to provide a clear set of goals and milestones they expect to achieve going forward.

These include everything from the progression of their network rollout to multiple countries and the implementation of different connectivity solutions to the development of their mobile app and the onboarding of AirNode Owners and Operators.

They've also outlined their plans for the release of testnet and mainnet for EarthNode Operators and the creation of a framework and tools to allow them to process value-added services to World Mobile customers.

The milestones they've defined here demonstrate their commitment to accelerating the expansion and adoption of the World Mobile network, as well as working together with people around the world to build and strengthen the sharing economy that powers their global network.

World Mobile is a network run by the people, and the true power of their global connected mobile network built on the sharing economy will come from those who provide and use the more affordable, efficient, and wide-reaching connectivity World Mobile can deliver.

They are pleased to be able to offer more insight into their plans for building the framework to deliver this growth and the benefits connectivity brings to the world.

From a glance at the new roadmap, it’s easy to tell there are exciting times ahead as we build an unstoppable, global mobile network together.

View the new World Mobile roadmap below:

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