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How World Mobile's Connectivity Solution is Empowering Growth In Small Businesses

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Connectivity reigns supreme as the driving force behind economic growth. The recent deployment of AirNodes by World Mobile has placed a renewed emphasis on serving Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) through B2B connections, recognizing them as the backbone of thriving economies. With enhanced connectivity, SMEs are now seizing unprecedented opportunities for growth and advancement.

SMEs go beyond being mere businesses; they are pivotal contributors to local economies and integral components of the global social fabric. These dynamic enterprises serve as catalysts for progress, fostering the development of new markets and sectors, reducing unemployment rates, and nurturing an environment of innovation and creativity.

It's worth noting that SMEs are typically defined as enterprises with fewer than 250 employees, and in many nations, they account for a staggering 90% or more of all business establishments. Among them, a substantial portion consists of micro firms with fewer than ten employees. This sheer prevalence underscores the substantial role SMEs play in propelling economic growth and prosperity.

Even in regions like Zanzibar, where unique challenges persist, SMEs continue to wield a lasting influence on the country's development.

"Small and medium-sized businesses play a major role in Zanzibar."

Ali Amour, Chairman of the Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce

He acknowledges them as the bedrock of various industries, from services to agriculture, driving progress and building a robust economy within the archipelago.

Despite their immense potential, the lack of high-speed internet access has hindered SMEs from fully unleashing their capabilities. Africa, in particular, grapples with this digital divide, limiting its ability to harness the full potential of digital transformation for economic growth. Without a doubt, connectivity remains a critical piece in the puzzle of global development.

Empowering SMEs with World Mobile's Unique B2B Connectivity

Confronting the challenge of connectivity, World Mobile's distinctive B2B offering emerges as a transformative solution, allowing more businesses to come online and unlock their growth potential. Affordability has long been a significant barrier, especially for SMEs facing substantial startup costs. World Mobile addresses this challenge by reducing the cost of initial setup for B2B connectivity and offering an affordable pricing model that incorporates setup costs.

According to RJ Katunda, World Mobile CXO, "There’s a much bigger shift in terms of how much the B2B customer must pay upfront to start using the service. They’re still having affordable services, the equipment is still part of the package, but you want to make sure that it is an affordable price point that everybody can manage to operate on."

The impact of this reliable internet connectivity is already evident, with businesses experiencing tangible returns. Bakari Ibrahim, owner of a carwash, attests, "Our number of customers has increased since we started using the World Mobile internet." The introduction of World Mobile’s B2B AirNodes has further facilitated automation for SMEs, enhancing their operational efficiency and streamlining processes.

With improved connectivity, SMEs gain better market access, positioning themselves with a competitive advantage. The rise of smartphone usage presents ample opportunities for app-based e-commerce and social commerce. Zanzibar's B2B clients are already utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to market and sell their products. Khadija Sulfaki, pastry chef at Zaffa Pizza, is thrilled with the possibilities as she installed internet connectivity for the first time, enabling her business to reach a wider audience: "We are using World Mobile to put our products online by posting on social media."

"Connectivity enables SMEs to fuel economic growth and shape a thriving future. Through our innovative B2B solutions and AirNode rollout, we are opening up new opportunities for SMEs, bridging the digital divide, and nurturing inclusive development."

Micky Watkins, CEO of World Mobile

As SMEs account for a significant majority of new job creation, World Mobile's affordable price points aim to inspire more young people to become entrepreneurs. SMEs not only drive innovation, employment, and economic growth, but they also foster competition in markets, spurring further progress and development.

In addition, World Mobile's efforts align with Goal 8 of the 2023 Sustainable Development Goals, which seeks to increase economic growth, employment, and decent work for all people. World Mobile is committed to closing the digital divide, bolstering small and medium-sized enterprises, and creating a more connected and thriving future for businesses and communities through the power of connectivity.

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