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Step by step guide on how to stake your World Mobile Tokens ($WMT)

Updated: Oct 10, 2023


You will need to purchase $WMT from a Cardano Dex or a CEX of your choice. Here is a good step-by-step article to assist:


After purchasing your $WMT you will need to send them to a Cardano-compatible wallet. A good wallet for that would be either @eternlwallet or @NamiWallet (there are many others). You can also keep your tokens in a cold storage wallet such as @Ledger or @Trezor.


Once your $WMT is securely stored in a wallet you will need to create a World Mobile Vault. This article here outlines all the steps necessary to get a vault opened and linked to your Cardano wallet:


These would be the steps to purchase, open up your vault and verify your Cardano wallet in order to stake your $WMT.


Now you may wonder what are the rewards expected from staking your $WMT. In this article the World Mobile goes into detail as to what is the Early Staking Rewards Program and also what are the expected rewards %


After Main-Net, the token economy of WMT will begin to generate rewards for stakers and Earth Node Operators based on real-world revenue. Once that point comes you will need to find a fellow Earth Node operator to stake your precious & valuable $WMT's with.

Finally, this is where Clover Nodes will be happy to assist! Should you have any questions please feel free to visit our CONTACT page, where you an also sign up to receive more info when staking with Clover Nodes will be possible.

Follow our Clover Nodes Twitter account to see regular updates on all of the latest news about World Mobile and the telecoms industry!


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