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Clover Nodes takes on an exhilarating role as an ambassador for the DirectEd Development Foundation

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

When we first discovered the DirectEd Development Foundation and its unwavering dedication to leveraging blockchain technology for the greater good, we were captivated. Their groundbreaking mission to empower disadvantaged students in Africa through free coding bootcamps and scholarships resonated deeply with our own commitment to driving blockchain innovation and fighting for equal access to technology and the internet—a fundamental human right.

Fuelled by this shared vision, we eagerly approached the foundation, eager to contribute through regular donations via our Cardano stakepool. As our partnership flourished, we are bursting with pride to announce that we have now become official ambassadors for the remarkable DirectEd Development Foundation!

Through unwavering support, DirectEd has achieved remarkable feats, transforming the lives of countless students along the way. Let's take a moment to celebrate their recent accomplishments:

  • A total of 14 Access Scholarships were awarded to students from Mang’u High, Maryhill Girls High, Kagumo High and Ngong road childrens foundation

  • Following a generous donation from COTI, students from Kagumo High are known as “Djed Scholars”

  • Completed a coding course with nearly 70 students from prestigious institutions such as Mang’U High, Maryhill High, and the Ngong Road Children’s Foundation.

  • The DirectEd Bootcamp 2023 in Kenya, delivered laptops and WiFi to Access Scholarships students from Maryhill Girl’s and Mang’U High. Connectivity and technology are now within their grasp, opening doors to boundless opportunities!

  • Embraced the invaluable wisdom shared through DirectEd's workshops, equipping students with essential skills for success. From "How to Ace Interviews" to "Launching a Start-up Straight out of School," they are nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within each young mind.

  • The DirectEd Lions fundraiser was a resounding triumph. Thanks to the collective support and generosity of passionate individuals, enough funds were raised to provide laptops, internet access, and comprehensive tutorials to 14 deserving students. The ripple effect of this achievement is immeasurable!

  • Following the successful pilots in Kenya, DirectEd is now looking to reproduce this success in Ethiopia, following up on the Memorandum of Understanding signed with Kotebe university of education in December last year. Starting in august, hundreds of eager Ethiopian students will embark on an extraordinary journey, receiving free introductory coding education that will shape their futures.

As a blockchain technology enthusiast I founded Clover Nodes, which operates a World Mobile Earth Node & a stake pool on Cardano under the ticker CLOVR. My continued work with blockchain technology has inspired me to also become dedicated to supporting charitable organizations that utilize technology to empower and uplift their communities through the power of education.

Now as an ambassador for DirectEd, I will proudly represent the foundation for West Coast events, answer any questions from the community and also provide regular updates on the amazing accomplishments they have achieved thanks to the generous support and donations received from everyone.

Join us as we passionately champion the DirectEd Development Foundation, an organization that ignites hope, transforms lives, and empowers the next generation. Together, we will continue to create a world where technological opportunities know no bounds!

To find out more about DirectEd Foundation mission you may visit their website below:

here is a link to the donation portal:

Also their lions lite paper:

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